The ‘tools down’ time applies to all staff, including domestic, maintenance, admin, care and management.

For 15 mins every day, staff stop their tasks to spend quality time with residents, including those who are limited to their bedrooms.

Sinead Clancy, Manager of Trewidden Care Home said: “We are embracing togetherness at Trewidden Care Home.  The aim is to enjoy conversation, company and to promote positive relationships.”

“This time is in addition to the usual, ongoing, varied activities programme in our Home, and is aimed at promoting meaningful engagement and communication with everyone,” said Lottie Whitehead, Deputy Manager.

The initiative is in it’s infancy, but has so far been a great success and received positive feedback from residents and staff a like, with comments such as “I spent time with the cook, who I don’t normally see very often” and “It is lovely to enjoy some one to one time”.

Lottie said, “Tools Down is a great chance for all staff to take a breather and spend time creating lovely moments, enriching both residents and staff’s lives.”

The Managing Director, Stuart Clarkson, said: ” The Tools Down initiative is something we embrace as a group and look forward to seeing this dedicated time being given across all of our Homes”

The company philosophy at Cornwallis Care Services Ltd. is ‘Making Moments Matter’.