Senior Health Care Assistant (Residential), St Ives & Looe

Responsible to the Home Manager


To supervise and participate in the delivery of care to the residents. To lead on the responsibility of residents individual care documentation, ensuring a person-centred approach. To provide effective leadership for care staff through supervision, support and mentoring in all aspects of care. To be responsible for the administration of medication. To work effectively with others within the home to ensure that resident’s needs are met.

Main duties & Responsibilities:

Resident Care and Support

  1. To actively participate and supervise in the delivery of care to the residents to ensure that their physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs are net and ensuring dignity, choice, independence and respect.
  2. To be responsible with the team for the preparation, implementation, review and update of all residents care plans in line with their personal wishes and preferences involving resident, representatives, key workers and management as appropriate in with the Services policies.
  3. To be responsible with the team for the continual monitoring of each residents health needs by ensuring access to NHS healthcare services and monitoring of health related care documentation assessments. To include appropriate liaison with residents, relatives, manager and relevant staff.
  4. To ensure residents choice and independence is respected through appropriate risk management involving all parties and ensuring accurate up to date record keeping.
  5. Encourage residents to be involved in the Home. Welcome and encourage participation in activities so that they can participate and remain emotionally and intellectually stimulated.
  6. Help to embed a culture of meaningful social activities for residents. Encourage, facilitate and devise social and spiritual activities for residents to take part in.
  7. Organise trips and parties for special occasions. When required or when instructed by the Home Manager, organise resident family meetings and events.
  8. Support and work closely with families and friends offering them professional and emotional support, sensitive to individual need.
  9. Play a key role in settling in new residents.
  10. Deal diplomatically and sensitively with residents who display challenging behaviour. Step in to relieve other team members when necessary.
  11. Support residents through the recovery of illnesses, conditions or injuries (such as a stroke or fractures) – encouraging rehabilitation by facilitating activities.
  12. At all times promote and ensure a high standard of care and reputation of the home.
  13. To administer prescribed medication to residents and assist in the management of an effective system for the safe control and administration of medication in accordance with the policy and procedures.

Managing Performance and Service Delivery

  1. Act as role model to the Health Care Assistants, promoting best practice in all duties undertaken and in compliance with Cornwallis Care Services policies and procedures.
  2. Under the direction of the Home Manager, be responsible for running and coordinating the shift.
  3. Allocate work and duties to Health Care Assistants as directed by the Home Manager.
  4. Identify the training needs of Health Care Assistants and refer them to the Home Manager.
  5. Ensure staffing levels are maintained. Encourage a flexible culture within the team. Identify cover for Senior HCA when necessary and be aware of shifts and general resource management.
  6. Deliver informal coaching and guidance as instructed by the Home Manager/Deputy or when identified as needed in order to support the development of HCA’s.
  7. Address issues or problems promptly, referring concerns to appropriate level when necessary.
  8. Support the Home Manager in the recruitment and selection of new Health Care Assistants as required.
  9. Contribute to the induction of new Health Care Assistants. Monitor progress and act promptly on development needs. Introduce new staff to key personnel and colleagues, and familiarise them with the home. Monitor performance at a local level in the first few weeks and act as a mentor for new staff.
  10. Oversee Bank and Agency workers – allocating work and general line management responsibilities.
  11. Motivate and inspire Health Care Assistants in the delivery of a high quality service and to work effectively and efficiently as a team.
  12. Attend and contribute to staff meetings and communications – regularly checking communication book, diary and notices for general information.
  13. Contribute to appraisals and performance management meetings for Health Care Assistants.
  14. Maintain own skills set and knowledge on best practice, care and dementia care legislation and developments.

Monitoring and record keeping

  1. Under the direction of the Home Manager, ensure documentation is completed and maintained for inspection at all times.
  2. Maintain team communication records – embed information, sharing practices as part of the team working ethos of the care home.
  3. Work in compliance with best practice, Fire Safety, Health and Safety regulations and CQC Fundamental Standards of Quality and Safety; helping to maintain a safe environment.
  4. Comply with Cornwallis Care Services Infection Control policy & procedure and observe the code of confidentiality.
  5. Keep updated with manual handling procedures and to be aware of individual residents’ manual handling profiles.

Health and Safety

To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of anybody else who may be affected by your acts or omissions.

General Duties

  1. To undertake responsibility within an area of work as delegated by the Home Manager.
  2. Understand and observe all relevant regulations and service policies and procedures.
  3. Be familiar with the administrative record of the Home and ensure that all records are kept up to date.
  4. To follow appropriate procedures in the event of accidents/emergencies e.g. fire, missing residents.
  5. Ensure that the Home is secure at all times whilst on duty.
  6. Ensure appropriate and agreed staffing levels are maintained in liaison with the Manager.
  7. To report and advise the relevant persons with respect to the repairs and maintenance of the Home.