Registered Home Manager (Learning Difficulties), Porthtowan

Responsible to: The Operations Director


To manage resources in line with the Codes of Conduct, Statement of Values, Policies and Procedures. To become a Manager registered the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ensures high standards of professional care for all service users.
To undertake all those duties and responsibilities defined by and associated with the role of Registered Manager, registered with CQC.

Key Aims:

Service Users

  • To provide high quality care and support service users in a way that demonstrates a person centred approach towards service users to enable them to live independent and fulfilling lives. Ensuring that the interests of the service user are central to what happens in the home whilst ensuring their views are respected on, and where appropriate and safe to do so, acted upon. To ensure the service user has a clear voice in relation to how they live their lives and what outcomes they are seeking
  • To manage in a way that ensures the privacy, respect and dignity of the service user at all times and to create a culture, which recognises the Equal Opportunities of all.
  • To lead, manage and participate with other team members in the assessment and maintenance of individual service users’ needs.
  • To lead, manage and participate with other team members in the assessment and maintenance of individual service users’ needs.
  • To oversee, participate and assist teams in the formulation of a well-structured programme of educational, social, vocational, life skills and therapeutic activities to meet the individual needs of each service user.
  • To oversee, manage and implement agreed programmes and contribute to their ongoing evaluation.
  • To develop and maintain a happy, stimulating and secure environment for all service users.
  • To work as a part of a multi-disciplinary team and lead on agreed programmes and be responsible for ensuring sufficient levels of resources and funding are available for ensuring programmes can be completed, as planned and is funded to such a level as ensures the success and implementation of such agreed programmes.
  • To maintain a high level of service user support at all times.
  • To chair or attend internal or external case conferences, reviews and meetings as required.
  • To be responsible for ensuring all records relating to service users and their progress are accurate and updated in such a manner as to ensure a high quality end product is available at all times. To make available high quality reports as requested by the service users’ family, Senior Management Team, CQC and/or other involved professionals.
  • To be responsible in implementing and maintaining outcome led planning and to demonstrate through accurate record keeping that appropriate service user goals have been set and met.

Team Members:

  • To provide management, supervision, support and guidance to your team and to promote a cohesive team approach so as to ensure continuity of care and ensure that key worker responsibilities are fully implemented.
  • To use Cornwallis Care Services performance management processes to provide management, supervision, support and guidance to your team.
  • To promote a team approach so as to ensure continuity of care and ensure that team members responsibilities are fully implemented.
  • To contribute to and maintain good professional relationships with other team members, and other interested and involved parties; such as representatives of CQC, families and professionals.
  • To attend internal or external case conferences, reviews and meetings, as required.
  • To manage attendance within the team, including sickness absence, with support from seniormanagers and the HR department when appropriate.
  • To attend training and to ensure that the team members receive training in line with Cornwallis careservices current training policy.
  • To ensure that all team members understand and carry out their delegated responsibilities to therequired standards.
  • To participate in recruitment and selection process, supervision and appraisals, and all otheraspects of staff management as requested by the senior management team.
  • To manage staff resources and manage the preparation of your homes rota, ensuring that thehome is properly staffed at all times.
  • To raise issues and concerns at an early stage with an appropriate senior manager, HRdepartment and administrative staff to enable prompt action to be taken.

Professional Conduct:

  • You are required to conduct yourself at all times in a professional manner when representing the  home or when on Cornwallis care services business and to ensure at all times that your appearance is appropriate and commensurate with Cornwallis care services policy on dress.


  • Maintain confidentiality for all areas of the home, its service users, team members and its work. The nature of the work within the service entrusts people with confidential information about people with learning disabilities, their families, carers and team members. Any breach of confidentiality will constitute gross misconduct.
  • To understand and work within the Data Protection legislation relating to service uses, their families and team member records.


  • To manage all the administrative functions within your home, ensuring that:
  • All service user and home records are kept fully up to date as required and to ensure that all events and activities are fully evidenced providing a complete audit trail and to undertake administrative, and health and safety duties as delegated, by either policy or home management.

These documents may include:

o Service users’ case records
o Financial records – including service users’ personal money, clothing allowances, petty cash o Medication records
o Vehicle checks
o House safety checks
o Completing incident sheets / accidents records in a comprehensive manner
o To be responsible for the correct administration and record keeping for all service users’ medications in line with Cornwallis care services’ current medication policy, and complete associated records in a full and accurate manner as required in the policy document. In addition to be responsible for ensuring annual health checks are carried out and service users are supported to make appropriate use of GP, dentist, chiropody and opticians services.

o To be responsible for ensuring the homes budget is managed within the given budget. Any variances are noted, investigated and reported to the appropriate person in a timely manner.

o To be directly responsible for all financial records, including service users’ personal allowances, are properly managed, documented and updated so as to satisfy any necessary audit.

o To be responsible in ensuring you and your team member’s comply with all Cornwallis care services Fire and Health & Safety policies in relation to the home, service user, team members and organisational responsibilities.

o You will be directly responsible for ensuring the homes vehicle is checked regularly and maintained to the required standard, kept in a clean and safe condition serviced at regular intervals and driven in a safe manner.

o To be responsible for ensuring all mileage returns and vehicle defects are reported promptly.

o You will be responsible for ensuring that all house maintenance defects are notified promptly to Maintenance and senior team to be rectified in a timely manner.



  • To be responsible for aspects of resource and resource allocation to ensure that good systems for budget management is in place and maintained.
  • To undertake the management of care duties, rota management and ensuring team members undertake sleep-in duties as required.
  • To participate in the on-call system.
  • To undertake appropriate levels of CPD and also to complete the requisite training within therequired period.
  • To fully understand, work within and ensure all team members in your home work within the organisation Fire Regulations and Procedures, Health and Safety regulations and all policies, procedures and guidelines; and to ensure that these are strictly observed at all times.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Work with all the homes team members to ensure co-operation in maintaining good relationships with outside agencies and the general public in order to uphold the home’s image and win increased support for its work. Whilst actively promoting a positive image of the service users with-in the homes care.
  • Contribute to a team ethos across the organisation at all levels and all responsibilities and ensure that your conduct at all times does not conflict with professional expectations of Cornwallis care service and acting as a role model to deliver a positive message.
  • Carry out any other duties commensurate with the post and its grading as requested by the senior management team.