Health Care Assistants, St Ives, St Austell, Lostwithiel & Looe

Responsible to the Senior Care Assistant & the Home Manager


To look after the physical, emotional, cultural and social needs of the Residents using a person-centred approach. To observe and promote the Resident’s choice, independence, dignity, privacy, fulfilment and other rights. To create and maintain good professional relationships with Residents, their family and friends and other stakeholders.
To actively support other Care Workers. To adhere to all regulatory and statutory obligations and the Services policies, procedures and guidelines. To actively market the Service and promote a positive, personal and professional profile, ensuring the good reputation of the Service at all times.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Care Provision

  • To provide personal care and support to Residents with a wide range of needs, illnesses and disabilities
  • To know and understand the care and support of the Resident
  • To undertake the tasks detailed in the Resident’s care and support plan using a 
person-centred approach and in the least intrusive way
  • To encourage the independence and motivation of the Resident and not foster dependent behaviour
  • To provide input into the care and support plans of Residents by regularly feeding back to the Senior Care Assistant
  • To assist Residents getting up in the morning and going to bed at night
  • To assist Residents to wash, bath and shower
  • To assist Residents to dress and undress
  • To assist Residents to look after their skin, teeth, hair and nails
  • To assist Residents with toileting, continence management and personal hygiene
  • To assist Residents with their medication at the agreed level of support and as detailed in their Medication Care Needs Assessment
  • To prepare food and drink for the Resident, being aware of the Resident’s choice, likes/dislikes, nutritional needs and cultural requirements
  • To provide light general household domestic duties, including housework and laundry, as detailed in the care plan or instructed by Management
  • To use manual handling equipment safely and correctly
  • To take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to the Resident
  • To maintain good communication and develop effective working relationships with Residents
  • To provide companionship to the Resident, actively talking and listening to them about their interests
  • To help the Resident to maintain contact with their family and friends
  • To accompany the Resident on trips into the community
  • To assist the Resident to manage their personal affairs
  • To ensure as safe as possible the living environment for the Resident, whilst respecting the Resident’s choice and rights


Recording and reporting

  • To maintain detailed accurate records in respect of care and medication support given and tasks undertaken
  • To regularly read care and support plans, acknowledging changes
  • To protect the confidentiality of all information relating to the Resident and not divulge information to anyone who is not authorised to receive it
  • To promptly report to the Senior Care Assistant / Care Manager or Night Senior Care Assistant any issues concerning the care, support, well being or behaviour of the Resident and update records accordingly
  • To continue to monitor where concerns have been reported and recorded
  • To recognise the signs of abuse and immediately report abuse or suspected abuse to the Care Home Manager
  • To report any complaints to the Care Manager or Night Senior Care Assistant
  • To contact the Care Manager / Administrator or Night Senior Care Assistant if running late


Health and Safety

To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of anybody else who may be affected by your acts or omissions.


General Duties

  1. To undertake responsibility within an area of work as delegated by the Home Manager.
  2. Understand and observe all relevant regulations and service policies and procedures.
  3. Be familiar with the administrative records of the Home and ensure that all records are kept up to date.
  4. To follow appropriate procedures in the event of accidents/emergencies e.g. fire, missing residents.
  5. Ensure that the Home is secure at all times whilst on duty.
  6. Ensure appropriate and agreed staffing levels are maintained in liaison with the Care Manager.
  7. To report and advise the relevant persons with respect to the repairs and maintenance of the Home.