Administrator, Lostwithiel

Responsible to the Home Manager


To support the Home Manager over the full range of reception, administrative, clerical and external liaison functions.

To support the Home Manager generally by contributing to the efficient and effective running of the home.

Where appropriate, and when specifically directed by the Home Manager, to undertake administrative and clerical tasks in support of the following key staff: Senior Care Assistant, Cook, Housekeeper, Activities Coordinator, Maintenance.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist the Home Manager and other senior staff with a wide range of administrative processes and functions
  2. Receive and respond to telephone calls as necessary, dealing directly with enquiries or ensuring that messages are passed to the appropriate person
  3. Whenever available, be the first point of contact for visitors to the home, always adopting a professional and welcoming manner
  4. Assist, as required, in meeting prospective new residents/relatives and guiding them through the organizational and financial aspects of moving to a care home
  5. Complete all the non-clinical routine returns on behalf of the Home, particularly the regular activity reports for the Service
  6. Assist with the recruitment process and the associated correspondence
  7. Draft correspondence on behalf of the Home Manager
  8. Be responsible for maintaining, distributing and ordering stationary and office supplies for the home
  9. Advise payroll of starters, leavers, changes and sickness
  10. In liaison with the Activities Coordinator and Cook, assist with the planning and management of events at the home, e.g. residents’ milestone birthdays, fetes, presentations, etc.
  11. Inform the Finance Team of resident admissions, departures and changes
  12. Issue receipts for money received in respect of residents’ accommodation fees, personal funds, day care, meals and any other sundry income
  13. Operate the Residents Personal Monies system, petty cash account and amenity funds, including maintaining accurate records and reconciliations
  14. Take cash and cheques to the bank as required and complete banking sheets for the Finance Team
  15. Update in a timely manner the Agency records with details from agency timesheets
  16. Undertake any other duties as may be determined from time to time within the general scope of the post

Role Relationships

  1. The Administrator is directly accountable to, and supervised by the Home Manager. When the Home Manager is away from the Home, the Administrator will report to the person-in-charge for that day; this will usually be the shift leader
  2. The Administrator will also take instructions on financial matters from the Finance Team
  3. An Operations Director may also give direct instructions to the Administrator on any aspect of their work
  4. The Administrator is not required to supervise other members of staff within the Home
  5. The Administrator will be expected to demonstrate an empathy and understanding for older people, and to adopt a friendly approach with residents and relatives, but must maintain a professional approach at all times. They should not become involved in the direct care of residents or in the clinical matters, except for assisting when requested with basic administrative functions.

General Requirements

In addition to the above, there are some general requirements that apply to all jobs in the Care Home:

  1. Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Service’s whistleblowing policy as required.
  2. Participate in staff meetings as required
  3. Participate in training activities as required
  4. Participate in quality assurance systems as required
  5. All duties must be carried out to comply with:
  • Notification of accidents and other Health and Safety requirements
  • Statutory legislation, in particular COSHH and Hygiene regulations
  • Nationally and locally agreed Codes of Good Practice
  • Fire Precautions
  • Equal opportunity principles and the Service’s anti discriminatory policy.
  1. To undertake any other duties within the scope of this job description, at your normal place of work or at any other of the Services establishments


The post holder is required to observe strict and complete confidentiality regarding information obtained during the course of his/her duties

Health and Safety:

To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of anybody else whom your acts or omissions may affect.