Activities Coordinator, St Ives & Lostwithiel

Responsible to the Home Manager


To devise a varied programme of events, trips and social care activities for the residents within the care home that endeavours to meet ongoing personal needs, aspirations and potential of the service users and takes into account the Care Commission standards and principles as well as working towards each residents goals as outlined in their care plan.

To plan, organise and implement the above programme.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To design overall annual programme of events, trips and activities.
  2. To plan and implement the programme of events, trips and  activities.
  1. To interact with residents in the Care Homes and organise and deliver group and individual activities e.g. reminiscence groups, life story work, crafts, quizzes, games and music.
  1. To build up and maintain good relationships with residents, relatives, staff and other members of the public.
  1. To promote excellent practice in the social aspect of care and develop/ encourage social care skills amongst all grades of staff.
  1. To assist with the development of dementia support groups.
  2. In consultation with the key worker, to ensure that Care Plans are kept up to date
  1. To undertake administrative tasks where necessary
  2. To keep up to date with events within the community and the City
  3. To build relationships within the community and assist in marketing the Care Home at all times
  1. To assist in developing a volunteer group to undertake activities within the care home
  1. To raise further funds for activities.
  2. To raise funds for activities e.g. to organise/ run fetes and other events.
  1. This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and it may be necessary for you to undertake other duties from time to time that are relevant to the post in accordance with the ongoing development of the service. This will always be done in consultation with you.

Key Performance Responsibilities:

Financial and Non- financial Asset Responsibility

Responsible for: –

  1. Care Plan updates
  2. To raise further funds/ use available funds in consultation with residents & manager in order to provide quality resources for residents.
  3. Record accurate accounts

Accountability, Judgement and Decision Making

Responsible for: –

  1. Deciding appropriateness of social activities to suit needs of residents and ensure duty of care

Job Complexity and Responsibility

Responsible for: –

  1. Important relationship/network/team building role in relation to residents, staff, relatives and the wider community
  1. Responsible for ensuring that Care Commission regulations are adhered to with all social activities

Communication and Relationships – External and Internal

Responsible for: –

  1. Establishing long term relationships with relatives.
  2. Enabling internal social group activities with residents.
  3. Undertake individual social activities.
  4. Establishing long term links with local groups i.e. schools/ churches.

Special Conditions

  1. Might need to attend evening or weekend activities as part of normal working hours in accordance with social activity role
  2. General flexibility in working hours

General Requirements

In addition to the above, there are some general requirements that apply to all jobs in the Care Home:

  1. Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Service’s whistleblowing policy as required.
  2. Participate in staff meetings as required
  3. Participate in training activities as required
  4. Participate in quality assurance systems as required
  5. All duties must be carried out to comply with:
  • Notification of accidents and other Health and Safety requirements
  • Statutory legislation, in particular COSHH and Hygiene regulations
  • Nationally and locally agreed Codes of Good Practice
  • Fire Precautions
  • Equal opportunity principles and the Service’s anti discriminatory policy.
  1. To undertake any other duties within the scope of this job description, at your normal place of work or at any other of the Services establishments