Making a Moment Matter, is a reward scheme for staff. The reward is to recognise, both small and large gestures and kindnesses made by staff members towards their residents on a daily basis. These moments have a profound impact on the psychological and emotional well being of our residents, but can often be overlooked in the busy life of a care home.

Moment of the Month – August

Maria Mumford, Head Housekeeper

Maria, daily goes the extra mile for our residents, and is always recognised within the home, not only for her hard work, but for the effort she makes with each individual. Maria effortlessly puts smiles on the faces of both residents and staff with her great energy and enthusiasm. 

Maria not only makes time in her working day to chat and play games with residents, but she has also given up her own time on her days off to pop in and sit with residents, play games, chat and reminisce. 

Maria is a big part of the Meadowbrook family and we feel she deserves this recognition for the day to day effort she makes to ensure residents feel special. 

Thank you, Maria.