Making a Moment Matter, is a reward scheme for staff. The reward is to recognise, both small and large gestures and kindnesses made by staff members towards their residents on a daily basis. These moments have a profound impact on the psychological and emotional well being of our residents, but can often be overlooked in the busy life of a care home.

Moment of the Month – June

Clive Rowe, HCA

While assisting two of the residents outside for their cigarette, Clive brightened an otherwise grim and wet day by singing and dancing to the Gene Kelly classic, ‘Singin in the rain’ while the three of them huddled under our large umbrella.

This definitely brightened the mood and created lots of joy, this is just one example of Clive’s ability to get the residents smiling and laughing on a regular basis.

Thank you Clive!

Moment of the Month – May

Jackie Gough, HCA

Jackie has worked at Hendra Court, for a number of years and has always been committed to ensuring that the ladies have a proper pamper – that they are made to feel special. Jackie has always displayed an interest in ensuring people are occupied, and is often to be found helping people to get in touch with their creative side by doing some arts and crafts.

This months MMM goes to Jackie for making CL feel special by singing and dancing to some Scottish music with him. He is a new resident so this especially helped him to feel included and at home.

Thank you Jackie!

Moment of the Month – April

Joe Gillespie, HCA

Joe found a happy birthday song in French for resident, JC.

JC was brought up in France and still speaks French. She is always delighted when staff speak French to her, even if it is just ‘bonjour’ in the morning.  Joe understood how much it would mean to her being able to celebrate her birthday in her mother tongue. It really did make her day and we had lots of smiles.

This is just one example of Joe’s kindness. He always has a smile for everyone.

Thank you Joe!