Making Moments Matter

Making a Moment Matter, is a reward scheme for staff. The reward is to recognise, both small and large gestures and kindnesses made by staff members towards their residents on a daily basis. These moments have a profound impact on the psychological and emotional well being of our residents, but can often be overlooked in the busy life of a care home.

Addison Park

Tracey, our KP is awarded Moment of the Month for her everyday assistance with one of our residents, who gets anxious at mealtimes.  Having Tracey to sit with and chat to has really helped and means a great deal to the resident.

Thank you, Tracey


Hendra Court

Our Moment of the Month Award goes to Joe Gilespie and Arlene Aranoize, for being superb entertainers in their fantastic Halloween Fancy Dress costumes.  They entertained our residents all day, who thoroughly enjoyed their efforts.

Thank you, Joe and Arlene.

Meadowbrook House

Our Moment of the Month is awarded to our caretaker, Dean Higgins, for his hard work and support of both staff and residents througout the installation of our new fire system.

Thank you, Dean.


Our wellbeing coordinator, Lesley has been nominated our moment of the month for October 2019. Lesley, went out of her way, and covered the cost, of buying roses and a card for a male resident, so that he could present them to his wife, for her birthday.

Well done, Lesley.


Our Moment of the Month is awarded to HCA, Christine who was nominated because she forfeited her break during a long shift, so as to offer a relaxing bath to a resident, who is usually reluctant.  Christine spent quality time with the resident, chatting and encouraging her to share stories about her past – the resident really appreciated the kind gesture.

Thank you, Christine.