The health, safety and wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance to us at Cornwallis Care Services. Because of this, and in light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have developed detailed plans in areas such as safeguarding, infection control and health & safety.
We will be guided by three core principles:

The safety and wellbeing of ALL members of our community

Following government, CQC, World Health Organisation and NHS guidelines

Care, kindness and empathy

Following the recent Government announcements regarding a return to allowing indoor visiting in care homes, please rest assured that we are working hard to enable safe and secure visiting between families. We look forward to being able to reunite families with the residents of our Homes.

As previously communicated, our priority always remains the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff, so a return to indoor visiting will be, necessarily, one of caution, control and vigilance.

In line with the latest guidance, we will be requiring that a ‘single named visitor’ be identified prior to starting internal visits, and that all designated visitors undertake a Lateral Flow test, have their temperature taken and complete all necessary COVID-19 paperwork before gaining entrance into the Home.

Before any internal visits can take place, we ask that you contact the Home to discuss the allocation of the ‘single named visitor’.  Your individual Home will then let you know when visits can commence.

Even once indoor visiting is in place, we will continue to offer outdoor meetings and window visits as we are aware that this may be your preference, or that this may mean more individuals are able to continue to visit.  Please note that ALL visits MUST be booked in advance.  Should the Home have a positive case of COVID-19, then ALL visits will cease immediately.

To ensure as COVID secure INTERNAL visit as is possible, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. You will need to provide a single named visitor in advance.
  2. You will need to book a visit in advance – your home will let you know the days and times available.
  3. On arrival you will:
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Complete a COVID questionnaire
  • Take a Lateral Flow Test

The test takes 30 minutes to process, during this time you will need to wait in your car.

If your test is positive, the visit cannot take place and you will be advised to isolate.

If your test is negative and you show no symptoms then the following will apply:

  1. You will be shown how to put on the appropriate PPE, sanitise your hands and be asked to read and agree to abide by the Infection Prevention and Control guidance.
  2. You will be shown to the designated meeting area. You MUST NOT go anywhere else in the Home.  Restrooms will not be available unless in an emergency.
  3. The visit time allocation is 30 mins. You MUST wear PPE at all times (do not remove mask) and we ask that you maintain social distancing (the residents are still awaiting their second vaccine, so are not fully protected at this time)
  4. At the end of the visit, a member of staff will take you back to the entrance. You MUST wait for a member of staff.  You will then be shown how to correctly remove and dispose of your PPE, and sanitise your hands.

Please note that as before, we are unable to accept gift items into the home that cannot be wiped clean – unfortunately, this does still include flowers.

We are doing our very best to keep the infection out of our homes and would like to thank you for your continued understanding, and for the support shown to our staff throughout these incredibly challenging times.

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Click HERE to read the CCSL COVID-19 policies