The simple art of colouring in has been proven to reduce anxiety and tension, in addition to providing a variety of other useful health benefits.

Listed below are just some of the many perks of colouring in, and some reasons why taking the time to include this into your every day could be not only highly useful and but also a therapeutic bright idea!

1. Reduces anxiety and has the same response to the brain as meditation – By slowing our brainwaves and heart rate, we start to feel a sense of calm, peace and clarity.
2. Trains the brain to focus – Whilst, not an overly taxing activity, colouring in requires us to focus on the task at hand which consequently allows for all other worries to fall away.
3. Improves fine motor skills and coordination – With more time spent on the computer these days, and less time handwriting, colouring in provides an excellent avenue to improve our motor skills, and work our hand-eye co-ordination.
4. Sparks creativity & helps you rediscover yourself – By allowing you to freely lose yourself in the picture, the process and the moment, It forces you to draw on your imagination and create a colourful masterpiece.
5. Keeps you into the present moment reducing mental chatter – As we shift our focus to the picture, the lines, the colours and the action of colouring in, we move our attention away from any unwanted mental chatter and bring ourselves to a place of quiet.
6. It is an activity that can be completed as a family or with friends – Due to the limited space and materials required, colouring in can be done anywhere at anytime, and is not only an activity we can complete alone, but a great way to spend time with the kids or friends in a relaxed atmosphere.