The weather last week created a Winter Wonderland across many parts of the county, and many people were able to enjoy a couple of days away from work as offices and schools closed during the extra cold spell. However, a Care Home cannot close it’s doors and shut down, even for a couple of days, and Cornwallis Care Services would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all it’s staff members who made their way into work through very difficult conditions, to continue providing outstanding care and support for our residents.

Special thanks goes to the following individuals:

From Beech Lodge:

Becky Gail


From Hendra Court:

Tony Owen

Aaron Irons

Sarah Readings

Sarah Cox


From Trecarrel:

Zina Haimotu

Ross Burree

David Tindle

Jackie Chantry

Maggie Smyth

Jayne Tozer


From Cowbridge:

Sam Maynard

Sabrina Scantlebury

Claire Gillbard

Sam Williams

Marion Villa

From Meadowbrook House:

Martine Holliday

Pam Wilton

Donna Morton

Tammy Forder

Justine and Theresa

Leanne Cross

Alison Lamb


From Rivermead View:

Betty Fry

Bob Baber

Janine Bryant


From Addison Park

Lisa Phillips