Staff at Cowbridge Care Home wanted to make it as special a day for her as was possible.  HCA Anne started a campaign to achieve the delivery of 100 birthday cards for Sylvia.  Anne went on Radio Cornwall and asked them to help spread the word – and did the word spread!!
Sylvia has received 373 birthday cards from all over the country and as far away as the USA and Hong Kong!
To help get the party started, Matt Harrison, and other members of Big Bang Brass, joined the celebrations today in the lightly falling rain. They played a few tunes outside of the lounge window, for Sylvia to enjoy from the safety (and dryness) of the lounge!
Sylvia’s 100th birthday celebration cake was made by Fiona Hughes, and was enjoyed by everyone!
And finally, the extra special card from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who in her photo happened to be wearing pink, just like Sylvia.
Happy Birthday Sylvia!
Thank you to everyone, near and far, who helped to make this day so extra special for this lovely lady.